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About Corbett

About Corbett

About Corbett

The Corbett National Park is the ultimate destination for wildlife lovers. You will find a perfect hermit in the virgin woods that offers such mesmerizing landscapes along with varied flora and fauna, spreading over an area of a whopping 521 Kilometers.
The park was established in the year 1936 to safeguard the endangered tiger population. This wildlife reserve is located in the district of Nainital of Uttarakhand and has been named after the renowned hunter Jim Corbett.
The national park witnesses a footfall of more than 700,000 tourists, during mid-June to mid-November and remains hyper-active. Almost 73% of the park is covered in dense forests, and 10% area consists of grasslands. The quest for being close to nature is aptly fulfilled for the visitors, as the park houses nearly 110 species of trees, 50 species of mammals,25 species of reptile, and 580 species of birds.
Corbett National Park is the perfect getaway from the monotonous life to which we have become habituated. It is a welcome relief to break free from the concrete jungle and getting close to nature. You will treasure the memories of observing the splendorous sights of hills, marshy depressions, grasslands, and of course the wildlife.
The park is open from mid-November to mid-June, and remains closed during the rest of the year, mainly due to heavy rains. Primarily, the park has five zones, the Dhikala zone, Bijarani zone, Jhirna zone, Sitabani Buffer zone, and Durga Devi zone. Each of these zones boasts of something unique, but the chances of spotting a tiger remain the same, no matter whichever region you prefer going at first.
The Dhikala zone comprises the largest area of the park. For the convenience of the visitors, a plethora of accommodations is available to put up their stay. The enchanting natural beauties along with the chance of spotting the most sought wildlife that includes tigers, elephants, deer, reptiles, and birds of various species will make your stay memorable.
The Jhirna zone was included in the park in the year 1994. Jhirna, located sixteen kilometers from Ramnagar( the main entry point to the park). Thus, it gives easy access to tourists to explore the surroundings of the park. The place is also famous for wild bears.
The Bijrani zone is famous for the overabundance of Sal forests. Furthermore, there is no scarcity of grasslands and a plethora of floras. It is just one kilometer from Ramnagar, and the chance of encountering various wild animals along with birds is always there.
Durga Devi Zone is a paradise for bird lovers. Perhaps, there is no other place which houses such a wide variety of uncommon birds. From the majestic Grey Headed Fishing Eagle to the Long Tailed Broadbill, you will find them all.
Sitabani Buffer zone although does not directly come under the Corbett Tiger reserve it is still a favorite tourist spot. Sitabani is also an ideal location for spotting various species of birds. The visitors do not require any permission for safari here.
The forest officials have Jeep safaris and canter safaris for the tourists who want to explore the exciting wilderness of the national park. Booking is mandatory for making the necessary reservations for jeep safaris to avoid disappointment.
For those who plan to stay outside the Dhikala zone, the canter safari is the best option. It is an incredible experience to encounter the wildlife intimately from the 16-seater open air bus. Again, you need to make bookings for this.
We take care of the budget and convenience of the tourists and have a hassle-free procedure for booking your accommodation. You only need to tell us about your preferences, and we will arrange the best Corbett Hotels and Resorts for you. Book your tour package now, and get up close and personal with the natural beauty of the Corbett National Park.

Corbett Safari

Jim Corbett National Park is India's most exciting safari destination. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most celebrated wildlife reserve in India. Corbett National Park is an amazing blend of high hills, swamp, river side belts and green meadows covering an area of 522 kilometers at the foot hills of the greater himalayas and this makes the park a heaven for wildlife adventures lovers. This park is famous for variety of rare flora, wild animals, reptiles and birds species. A pathway adorn with mango orchards leads one into a complete different world housing a record number of 488 different species of plants and 580 birds type. Moreover a plethora of 25 reptile species and 50 species of mammals are reasons enough to go personal with this wonderland.

Corbett Zones

There are mainly five Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones that you can visit. You can book online for safari, by Jeep or Canter, to visit these amazing zones. Dhikala Zone is known for its splendid natural beauty and also for offering a sight of many exotic animals and birds. If you are a hard-core wildlife lover, then it is recommended that you go for a night stay in this zone for better sighting opportunities. The ideal time to visit this place is from 15th of November to 15h of June, every year. Animals to be spotted are Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Cheetahs and several species of birds. Bijrani Zone in Corbett Park is known for its richness in natural beauty and the vast grasslands. Mixed type of topography can be seen here. Tiger spotting is almost a certain activity in this zone compared to other places in Corbett Park. The best time for visiting this zone is from Mid October to June.

Best Time to Visit

Jim Corbett National Park is completely spread over Nainital, Pauri Garwahl and Almora Districts of Uttarakhand. It is one of the oldest national park in India. The park is known for its initiative Project Tiger, for endangered Bengal tiger of India. The total area of the reserve is 1318.54 sq. km. consisting 520 sq. km. of core area and 797.72 sq. km. of buffer area. After India's independence in 1947, the park was renamed as Ramganga National Park. But in 1956 it was renamed as Jim Corbett National Park in the memory of Colonel Jim Corbett.
Corbett National Park opens from mid November to mid June. The Jhirna zone of Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year. Birjani zone opens from mid October to mid June and the main core area Dhikala opens from 15th of November. The park closes partially during the period of monsoon. Most of the roads in Birjani and Dhikala are wash away during monsoon. The gates remain close after sunset and no nocturnal driving is allowed.

How to Reach

Jim Corbett national park is easily accessabile from the capital of India 'Delhi' by road and also by train. Nearest Airport is also 'Delhi Airport' which is around 250 kms away from 'Ramnagar'. 'Ramnagar' is enterance point to corbett national park and also headquarter of Corbett tiger reserve India. One domestic airport at a distance of 65 kms in 'Pantnagar' has established but there are no regular flights for this airport. Following are the best routes to reach corbett from Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly and Haridwar. For other major cities like Kolkata, Chennai or Mumbai you have to reach Delhi and from Delhi you can easily reach corbett.


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    Welcome to Safari Booking to Corbett National Park. Visitors can book online Jungle Safari or Canter Safari for five different zones of the park namely Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela and Durgadevi.


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    Corbett National Park is considered as one of the most luxury places in North India. So here we are offering the Tour Package in Corbett National Park with the most affordable price which will not burden your pocket.


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    Jim Corbett National Park, which is a part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The magical landscape of Corbett is well known and fabled for its tiger richness.