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Q. Where is Corbett Tiger Reserve located?

The Corbett Tiger Reserve is spread over Pauri Garhwal, Nainital, and Almora districts of the state of Uttarakhand, India, and is nestled among the hills of the Shivalik region of the Himalayas.

Q. How do I reach Corbett Tiger Reserve?

The nearest operational airports are in Dehradun and Delhi from where you can reach the reserve via:
Road: by Delhi, Moradabad, Kashipur, and Ramnagar.
Train: from Delhi, Moradabad, Kashipur, and Ramnagar (Ramnagar being the nearest station).

Q. What kind of precautions do I have to take for my safety while in the Corbett Tiger Reserve?

You need to keep the following things in mind to have a memorable and safe trip:

1. Movement is allowed only in designated vehicles with a registered nature guide/naturalist accompanying you, and moving on foot is strictly prohibited.

2. Always maintain a safe distance from the animals and do not engage or feed them. (Points 1 and 2 are punishable offences.)

3. A first-aid box is mandatory in all the vehicles, but you can bring your own medicines as well (especially allergy medication).

4. Winter wear is advised during the months of December and January.

5. Always stay inside the vehicle and be alert at all times. Mind the dangling branches, avoid touching plants and eating leaves or fruits.

Lastly, follow the instructions of the guide, adhere to the do(s) and don't(s), and obey all rules and regulations since they are important for your own safety.

Q. Which are the entry points to Corbett Tiger Reserve?

The Five entry gates to the tourist zones are: 1. Bijrani
2. Dhangari
3. Jhirna
4. Durgadevi
5. Vatanbasa (Kotdwar). This is the entry point for the Sonanadi Tourism Zone and is regulated from the Kotdwara reception centre.

Q. What is the period when the Corbett Tiger Reserve is 'Closed'?

All zones of the reserve are closed for night halts from 15th June to 14th November.

Our closing schedule for the monsoons are:
· The Bijrani zone remains closed from 30th June to 14th October.
· The Dhikala, Lohachaur, and Sonanadi zones remain closed from 16th June to 14th November. Between 1st to 15th June, these three zones are on standby mode during which advance reservations are not allowed. In order to ensure the safety of visitors, these zones can be shut down depending upon the weather conditions.
· The Jhirna zone, however, remains open for day safaris throughout the year, but this is subject to road and weather conditions.

Q. How is the weather at Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Minimum temperatures: 2° C in the months of December and January.

Maximum temperature: 42° C during the months of May and June.

Q. Where to stay in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Inside the Tiger Reserve, accommodation facilities are available in:
· Dhikala Forest Rest House (FRH), Sultan FRH, Sarpduli FRH, and Gairal FRH in Dhikala Zone.
· Bijrani Zone: Bijrani FRH and Malani FRH.
· Jhirna Zone: Jhirna FRH.
· Durgadevi Zone: Kanda FRH and Lohachaur FRH.

Double beds and basic amenities are provided in all rooms. However, electricity is not available at any of the FRHs except at Dhikala and some campuses have a limited generator backup.
We also have a twelve-bed dormitory at Dhikala and an eight-bed dormitory at Gairal.
Alternatively, accommodation is also available at Halduparao in the Sonanadi Tourism Zone.


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